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26 mai 2020

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movie Info Deep on the bottom of the sea, some 3800 meters below the surface of the freezing Atlantic Ocean, lies the wreckage of a ship. It is the unmistakable figure of the Titanic, once man's greatest mechanical achievement, now stripped of its former glory. Almost a century later, Brock Lovett, a modern treasure hunter intrigued by Titanic's hidden riches, and his well-equipped technical crew are digging for answers for the past three years; nevertheless, without any success. But, when Rose Calvert, one of Titanic's few survivors, learns about Lovett's crusade, she will begin to unfold her incredible, heartfelt and utterly tragic story that intertwines King Louis XVI's deep-blue "Heart of the Ocean" diamond, with her unlikely romance with the young bohemian vagabond, Jack Dawson. Can the past's mistakes teach a lesson in humility to both paupers and royalty?.
∬Roku Titanic Movie Online MV5BMDdmZGU3NDQtY2E5My00ZTliLWIzOTUtMTY4ZGI1YjdiNjk3XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNTA4NzY1MzY@._V1_UY113_CR0,0,76,113_AL_.
James Cameron.
User Rating 8 / 10 Stars.
countries USA.
Kate Winslet, Billy Zane

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First of all i can’t understand why this movie is rated with only a 6.9, it deserves much more, it is a superb movie and really underrated here.
It is a movie that makes me cry every time i see it (and i’ve seen it lots of times) but i found it never wears out with the time.
What can i say about the plot that could be new, absolutely nothing, i think everybody has seen this movie and everybody knows the plot. It really deeps into the times of the Titanic and shows us all the social classes, the unworried life of the low classes and the shallow and repetitive life of the high ones.Everything Rose wanted was to scape from that life that keeps people chained to the protocol. And it shows us how was the mentality of that times, it was all about the division of classes, aristocrat people only cared about having a luxurious life, not to be happy, only to show off and all that shallow stuff.
It is quite impossible to say that story could happen in reality, because a high class lady would have never looked at a poor guy, but as for the movie it was something that you can really feel related to, and that’s why you cry when Rose or Jack cries, or laugh, when they laugh.
Well, and what can we say about the music? Simply wonderful, really sad in moments and that really helps the movie, Celine Dion did a great job singing « My heart will go on » and James Horner producing the music, one of the greatest of all time i have to say.
And the special effects? Wow, if you didn’t know that the ship was computer-generated you would think that the Titanic was rebuilt for this movie, i found no flaw in this.
And wait, i’m forgetting something really important, the performances of Leonardo DiCaprio And Kate Winslet, they were nominated for the Academy Award and they should have won it, it was a job wonderfully done from them, and with total justice they became superstars.
If i must resume this, i would say that nobody with a heart could say that movie didn’t really touch them, it was really tender and sad and a masterpiece which has well-deserved the 11 Oscars it won. And if you live in some other place of the universe and you didn’t watch it yet, go to your closest video store and rent it (or buy it) you won’t be disappointed, despite all these cold-hearted who say it isn’t a worthy movie of what has achieved, DON¨T LISTEN TO THEM.

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