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26 mai 2020

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Directors: Ryan Coogler.
Duration: 134 Minute.
actor: Lupita Nyong’o.
genres: Action.
Five African tribes war over a meteorite containing Vibranium. One warrior ingests a "heart-shaped herb" affected by the metal and gains superhuman abilities, becoming the first "Black Panther". He unites all but the Jabari Tribe to form the nation of Wakanda. Over centuries, the Wakandans use the Vibranium to develop advanced technology and isolate themselves from the world by posing as a Third World country. In 1992, Wakanda's King T'Chaka visits his brother N'Jobu, who is working undercover in Oakland, California. T'Chaka accuses N'Jobu of assisting black-market arms dealer Ulysses Klaue with stealing Vibranium from Wakanda. N'Jobu's partner reveals he is Zuri, another undercover Wakandan, and confirms T'Chaka's suspicions.
Joe Robert Cole

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Director: Douglas Kung
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Writer: Yiu-Wang Ho
Cast: Yoko Shimada, Siu Lung Sik, Ken Wong and other.

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Wait do u know how the guy does the thing with the lips Why does he do that.
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How do black panther move.
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What does a black panther drinnk.
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Well wonder what happens at the wakanda court.
When was Black Panther Party created.
His theme fits him perfectly.
You have to admit, Andy looked like he was having so much for the whole movie, the parts he was in that is. Wished they hadnt killed Klaue because of his stellar acting.
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3:27 sounds like an old car starting.
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Then I’ll spill this blood for you, hey.
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Wait, which side of the road is it.
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Man that mediocre band really needs some quick bucks huh.
Bagh Bondi is a traditional game in southern India, nepal, bangladesh. New generation might never heard about this game Rules: There are 16 goats they will move along with connected path at the next point. Tiger will move along with connected path at the next point. Tiger will eat goat if tiger move over the goat. Goat needs to move such a way so that tiger can not get free space to move over the goat. If goat confined the tiger then goat win the game. Each goat carry 10 points, if you defeat you will lose 160 points.

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“You need a hero. Look in the mirror, there goes your hero.”.
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Black Panther should be rated somewhere in the middle of the Marvel origin stories. I feel that as far as the origin stories go, they seem to follow a pattern that goes something like this: The top origins were funny, and serious, had action, interesting characters, smart dialogue and a decent story line. The worst were long, slow and little action or most of the action was at the end. I would suggest that « Guardians of the Galaxy » and « Deadpool » were tied for #1 as the best of the origins, while « Thor » and « Fantastic 4″ were arguably two of the worst. The first « Iron Man » was somewhere near the top but « Captain America » was probably closer to the bottom. « Wolverine’s » origins was probably somewhere in the middle, since people seem to love it or hate it. The rest are all sprinkled somewhere in between. (Sorry if I left some out and being true to the comic story line was not considered since that is a measure mostly for true comic book fans. Black Panther has a decent story line, good villains (but kill of a colorful one early) but is rather slow at times and is light on the action until the end. This movie has patterns of both the best and worst origin stories. It is not the best but it is certainly not the worst. It’s somewhere in the is most unfortunate for those of us that really want to like this movie was the stupid levels of super-over-hype by the media and critics…

0:19 is that the old lady(skrull? from the trailer captain marvel.
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What a jam for whats going on B safe out there and the family Well preveal.
Bagh city Bagh Location in Madhya Pradesh, India Bagh Bagh (India) Coordinates: 22°22′N 74°46′E  /  22. 37°N 74. 77°E Coordinates: 22°22′N 74°46′E  /  22. 77°E Country India State Madhya Pradesh District Dhar Government • Type Sarpanch • Body Gram panchayat Elevation 240 m (790 ft) Population (2001) • Total 7, 415 Languages • Official Hindi Time zone UTC+5:30 ( IST) PIN 454221 Telephone code 07297 ISO 3166 code IN-MP Vehicle registration MP -11 Spoken Languages Hindi, Bhili, Bhilali, Nimadi, English, Khatri
Bagh is a census town in Dhar district in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India. It is known for the Bagh Caves, which are late 4th- to 6th-century Buddhist rock-cut chambers with murals. The name of the town stems from the caves – according to local legend there were living tigers ( bagh in several languages of India) in these abandoned Buddhist caves. [1]
The town is also known for a type of block prints on fabric, known as Bagh prints.
History [ edit]
In 1982, a hoard of 27 inscriptions issued by the Maharajas of Valkha was discovered at Risawala near Bagh. The inscriptions were issued from a place known as Valkha, which has led to suggestions that the name « Bagh » is derived from « Valkha ». The inscriptions are dated to the years 38-134 of an unspecified calendar era. Historians D. C. Sircar and R. Majumdar theorized that the Maharajas of Valkha were subordinates to the Guptas, and the calendar era used in their inscription is the Gupta era starting from 319 CE. [2] Thus, the Maharajas of Valkha can be dated to 4th and 5th centuries CE. [3]
The next known ruler of the region is Maharaja Subandhu of Mahishmati. His Bagh Caves inscription is dated 167 (486 CE, assuming Gupta era). [3] [4] Historian Walter M. Spink has identified Subandhu as the prince Vishruta mentioned in Dashakumaracharita. According to his theory, Subandhu or Vishruta was a Gupta prince, who established the dynasty that later came to be known as Kalachuri. [5] [6]
Transport Connectivity [ edit]
By Train [ edit]
Nearest Railway stations are Dahod 100 km., Indore 150 km., Meghnagar 104 km., Ratlam 150 km, Khandwa 220 km.
By Road [ edit]
Bagh is well connected to Indore by road and Daily Bus Services.
Geography [ edit]
Bagh is located at 22°22′N 74°46′E  /  22. 77°E. [7] It has an average elevation of 240 metres (787 feet).
Demographics [ edit]
As of 2001 India census, [8] Bagh had a population of 7415. Males constitute 51% of the population and females 49%. Bagh has an average literacy rate of 63%, higher than the national average of 59. 5%; with 57% of the males and 43% of females literate. 16% of the population is under 6 years of age.
Notable people from Bagh [ edit]
Abdul Kadar Khatri (1961 – 2019) Master Craftsman [9] [10]
Mohammed Yusuf Khatri, printer
Mohammed Bilal Khatri, printer [11] [12] [13] [14]
A traditional Bagh Print craftsman from Bagh, Madhya Pradesh
References [ edit]
^ « Bagh Caves – rock cut Buddhist temples ». Retrieved 23 April 2010.
^ Shiv Kumar Tiwari 2002, pp. 63-64.
^ a b Archana Verma 2007, p. 23.
^ Walter M. Spink 2005, p. 37.
^ Walter M. Spink 2005, pp. 153-154.
^ Sara L. Schastok 1985, p. 97.
^ Falling Rain Genomics, Inc – Bagh
^ « Census of India 2001: Data from the 2001 Census, including cities, villages and towns (Provisional) ». Census Commission of India. Archived from the original on 16 June 2004. Retrieved 1 November 2008.
^ « Bagh artist Abdul Khatri bags UNESCO 2018 award in Qatar | Bhopal News – Times of India ». The Times of India.
^ Pioneer, The. « Bagh artisan Abdul Kadar Khatri bags UNESCO, world craft council award ». The Pioneer.
^ « Russia awards diploma to Bagh print artist Bilal Khatri ». The free press journal. 5 October 2014. Retrieved 10 January 2015.
^ « Vishwakarma award for craftsmen ». Times of India. 25 November 2012. Retrieved 11 January 2015.
^ « Celebrating creativity ». The Hindu. 21 January 2015. Retrieved 21 January 2015.
^ « Artist Bilal Khatri represents MP for Bagh print in China ». 4 November 2014. Retrieved 11 January 2015.
Bibliography [ edit].

No joke this is the best MCU trailer to date

Black panther videos.
What does a black panther look like.
Who else came back to see the trailer after watching it.
M Baku entry is glorious…
Black panther mask.
I hope they release this version of Opps one day.
Black panther tv series.
How much do black panther babies weigh.
Are black panther cats located in Missouri.

Killmonger isnt a villian. Everything he says is true

How does the black panther protect itself.
My favourite scene is 6:15.
Black panthers in georgia.
2:27 – Is that Georges Batroc from Captain America: The Winter Soldier.
Is the black panther an extinct animal.
What animals hunt the black panther.
Such a dope scene, especially when she’s fighting on the 2 tier/level.

One of the best action scenes of all time. PERIOD

I never freeze.
Black panther how high can they jump.
Idk why these yeasayer nobodys are suing over this song when really isis is the one who should be filing a lawsuit 2:11.
Witness the might of the jabari.
I love Shuri. She is so freaking cute.
I really want Klau back.
The princess of Wakanda was a baby when the former Black Panther’s brother died.

This was better then captain marvel lmao.
What kingdom is the Black Panther in.
Buy black panther costume.
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What does the black panther mean.



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